Greetings card publishers, Digital Photography,   Lamp makers,  Wood turners, Greetings cards , Christmas cards, Graphic Artists. Digital Photography courses, Lighting, wooden bowls, candle sticks,  computer arts.                                        

Publishers of Greetings Cards, Topographical paintings and illustrations, Photographs of Wales and the Marches

Salvaging old Oak beams to make into lamps

Dancing Horse Studio


Green Lane Studios

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The studio makes a wide range of lamps, from the traditional twists and turns and painted to the ecological reclaimed Oak beam lamps






Bowls, candle sticks, vases and clocks. From the sculptural to the utility including a reproduction range for the re-enactment interests.

Pet and Animal Portraits

Commissions accepted

Graphic Arts

We specialize in turning photographs into pictures or portraits, graphic enhancement and large format colour printing on fine art papers.


A full range of products can be viewed by clicking on the title of the appropriate section.

Last updated Jan 2008

Green Lane Studio

P O Box 126

Montgomery, Powys, SY15 6WY

Wales, UK



Telephone 01686 630113


International code + 44 (o)


Web sites


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